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Hi, before you keep on scrolling please take a chance to read this! I promise it's important.

If you're looking for the traditional, posed photos where I tell you exactly where to put your arm and at what angle, I am not your girl. I am a lover of all things candid, capturing those in between moments where your significant other fixes your hair or when you guys laugh to each other about some inside joke. Hi, I love to third wheel! :)

Our time together will not consist of "1...2....3...SMILE" but more so of me telling your s.o. to whisper his/her 3 favorite features about you or having you guys play a round of tag. I pinky promise to make it the best time, have you fall in love with your significant other all over again, make the process effortless, and I promise your boyfriend/husband will leave saying "wow, that wasn't that bad. I could do this again!" 

When it comes to your wedding day, I want to be more than just your photographer. 

I know the importance of your photographer. As a newly engaged girl, it was the first thing I booked! When everything is said and done, all the center pieces, bridesmaid dresses and cake details will be gone, all you will be left with is your photos (and your sweet hubs/wife of course). But my point is, the photos are something that will be with you for the rest of your life. They will be hung in your house and shown to your kids when they are older. These photos will increase in value over time and I promise they will be ones you are happy to show off.

Lastly, I am not kidding when I say I want to be friends. I want to bring you a coffee on the morning of your wedding that says "bride," I want to help fix your hair after you have been twirled around by your s.o., I want to be your right hand girl with whatever you need! Because really, what's better than having a friend you trust and like shoot your wedding?!

If you're still reading this, I am seriously so stoked to get to know you and help capture the day you have always dreamed about! Fill out my contact form below, lets grab some coffee and chat all about all the perfect, nitty gritty details!


Weddings start at $2400

Elopements start at $2100

Couples + engagements start at $350

Portraits + boudoirs start at $200

Family pictures start at $400

* Travel fees apply, fill out my

contact form below!

I would love to work with you!

If you feel as if we are the perfect match, lets chat! 

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