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Hi again!

Okay so I am all about getting to know each other so that our experience together can be super relaxed and fun! The more you know about me, the more we can connect on and become friends, because isn't that a great perk about hiring a photographer? ;) So here's a few random things about me!

1. I am the biggest home body. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE to travel but I am finding that I love a routine even more. 

2. I love home decor, if I could spend all of my money on decorating my house, I would without batting an eye.

3. I am the biggest planner and a clean freak. Which is funny, because this only happened when I moved out on my own. My sister use to hate me because we shared a room and I was so messy lol

4. I am addicted to Youtube. Like I watch at least an hour a day. Its pretty bad now that I am typing this out but I just love kkandbabyj, aspyn ovard, jess conte and kristin johns too much not to watch their videos. :)

5. My love for ramen and anything sweet is unhealthy. 

6. I LOVE working out. Especially with my fiance. 

7. Some of my favorite shows include HIMYM, gossip girl, greys anatomy, fixer upper, the office, honestly I could list many more, I watch too much netflix. Home body, remember? ;)

8. I hate being in front of the camera and hardly have any photos of me. Fun fact the only photos Thaniel and I have had taken of us are by my fav @kinsleynicolephotography. Example A: <----

9. I am a huge believer in law of attraction. What/who your surround yourself with is a huge reflection of your life. 

10. These photos below are of my husband Nathaniel and I. And if I am being honest, I am completely obsessed with him! We just got married in March of 2019 and are loving married life together! Nothing better than going through life with your best friend!! 

my man than and I

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